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Maison DEHESA pays tribute to Rosa, an olive oil producer in Cordoba, who was the first in Spain to refuse chemical intervention on her soil in the 1970s to preserve the last olive trees in the desert of Europe, in a now protected nature reserve called “Laguna de Fuente de Piedra”.


There she makes an incredible fruity green organic olive oil, fiery and ultra herbaceous, with peppery notes on the finish. It enhances the iodized notes of seafood and the vegetal notes of vegetables.


Non-greasy, its texture is reminiscent of Japanese olive oils because it does not stick to the palate and subtly enhances the centerpiece of a dish!


This oil is a must-have for chefs of the new guard because it is their best ally when cooking vegetables.

"Haru" Olive Oil 25cl

  • Traceability: A protected nature reserve, near Cordoba, known for its exceptional biodiversity. Andalusian Organic certification.


    Integrated production method: After extraction, the pomace (residue from the extraction) is applied as a fertilizer for optimum soil quality. The cores are used to make heating fuel.


    100% original: During the olive season, the olives are selected and picked in an artisanal way, with a net.


    Without preservatives or additives and without GMOs.


    Ingredients: Olives


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