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Advocating for taste and biodiversity implies

an understanding and respect for nature’s time.

As a member of the Slow Food movement, Maison DEHESA promotes the biodiversity of soils, marine environments and living species. Since 2011, we have accompanied the greatest chefs in the world, by moving the needle on culinary creation from the kitchen to the land.


We owe these "agricultural" culinary creations to our craftsmen, the guardians of ancestral know-how, whose first ingredient is time. They are the last of their generation to perpetuate the traditional gestures of wild agriculture and conservation.




The art of revealing the true nature of the product

Like a fine wine, we carry out slow and long maturations to reveal the original and complex tastes of our local products. We owe our place in the culinary avant-garde to our artisan canners, who sublimate these living produce through the natural ageing processes, without ever freezing them. 

Over the past 10 years, we have been carrying out truly unique R&D work, combining all the ancient crafts of fermentation - both Mediterranean and Japanese - according to a slow maturation® process. This technique sublimates living produce through the natural ageing process. It is based on slow maturations, individualised hygrometry levels, and the usage of ferments or native yeasts according to each product's own specific characteristics. 


A leader in the culinary avant-garde from europe to Asia

Since 2011, we have been supporting the major trends on the international gastronomic scene through our iconic products: XXL anchovies matured for 18 months (a record), the real Pata Negra matured for up to 8 years (another record), bottargas with sea urchin textures and ultra-iodized notes, canned sardines reinvented as sashimi and smoked Japanese style, Ikéjimé eel smoked with sweet notes of olive wood, as well as our monovarietal PX balsamic vinegar, and its three umami sidekicks: black garlic, lemon and shallot.


By giving time to maturation, we offer chefs new possibilities, new textures and flavours, and we reveal the deep essence of taste.

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