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Our Cecina is the result of extensive beef farming and 100% natural smoking with holm oak wood, which brings out the original notes of spices, hay and foie gras specific to fine matured meats.


  • Triple drying process: 30-day maturation, oak smoking, mountain air drying.
  • Made in a UNESCO protected nature reserve in Gordon.
  • No additives or preservatives.

Cecina De Leon - Boneless

  • Traceability: Manufacturing supervised by the Control Body of the IGP of Cecina de Leon.Our breeding is sustainable and selected

    Integrated production method: Breeding, feeding and refining located in the region of Leon alone.

    100% original: Triple maturation process (30 days), natural smoking and drying (12 months) in mountain air. Natural oak smoking. This noble wood helps bring out the original notes of spice, hay and foie gras specific to this type of meat when it is matured.

    Without preservatives or additives and without GMOs.

    Ingredients: Beef, salt, natural oak smoking


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