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The incredible story of a collective of Slow Food artisan-producers, which has become a house of exceptional products for the world's gastronomic catering.

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In 2010, our Slow Food collective of 12 Spanish micro-producers, based on the principles of peasant agriculture and agro-forestry, was set up under the aegis of Florence Chatelet Sanchez, to face the economic crisis and provide support long-term financing, excluding bank financing and European aid.


Our production methods, deemed "too slow and too expensive" for bankers and "outside the scope" for European technocrats, are leading us straight to bankruptcy.


In this context of crisis, Florence, from a family of Andalusian producers and a French craftsman father, understands that the rescue model for these crafts must be inspired by that of the French workshops of luxury brands.


It takes up the challenge by financing the conversion of part of our production workshops to make them exclusive subcontractors for major gastronomic houses, and thus save our know-how and our living lands.

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