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On the market, caviar often has a muddy or "fishy" taste and a soft texture. Maison DEHESA presents the caviar of yesteryear, fresh and iodized, with a crunchy texture while respecting sustainable practices. Our caviar is the first caviar in the world with an organic label.


Our farm uses 100% natural feed which replicates the natural diet of the animal in its biotope. By respecting the sturgeon's life cycle, 18-year-old females provide better eggs. At this stage of maturity, the caviar has an exceptional size of 3 mm, which only the Beluga can produce.


Its freshness and its ultra iodized profile allows for a minimal use of salt, the lowest on the market.

"Origin" Organic Caviar 30g

  • Traceability: Water quality is the first criteria when selecting a good caviar. That is why we have chosen a mountain spring farm, located in the heart of the Sierra Nevada in Spain. From this mountain - an area protected by UNESCO - the purest springs fossil water has been protecting the Naccarri or Adriatic Sturgeon since the beginning of time.


    Integrated production method: The farming method respects the natural conditions of wild sturgeon. In this location, the native sturgeon species has avoided poaching and water pollution.


    100% original: Our farm uses a 100% natural and certified organic diet and replicates the natural food patterns of the animal in its biotope. Likewise, its practices respect the life cycle of the Naccarri. Around the age of 18, females offer the best eggs. At this stage of maturity, the caviar has an exceptional size of over 3 mm. Its freshness leads to a very moderate use of salt, inferior to that of the market.


    Without preservatives or additives. GMO free.


    Allergens: Fish