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Imported directly from Japan, and raised strictly according to Kobe's methods, Japanese Wagyu is to beef what Patanegra is to pork. Its intense marbling makes it possible to prepare a ham in an original way using the traditional Iberico recipe!


Discover its aromatic complexity, its powerful bouquet specific to matured meats and the lovely length in the mouth of suave aromas characteristic of Kobe fat.

  • 100% Wagyu breed that brings tenderness and unique marbling.
  • Bouquet close to that of matured beef, sweet fat note, similar to that of acorn-fed patanegra, no salt note.
  • 100% natural food with muesli and organic white wine produced in the surrounding area.


Japanese Wagyu Beef Chorizo

41,40 €Price
  • Traceability: Certification of good treatment of animals. Certification of strict replication of Kobe methods. 100% Wagyu breed that brings unique tenderness and marbling.


    Integrated production mode: The animals are raised according to the Kobe Style methods typical of the Kobe region in Japan (beer massage, classical music, etc.). Their diet is natural with organic muesli and white wine.


    100% original: Our beef chorizo is made according to the Andalusian recipe: mixing meat, Andalusian pepper, salt and garlic.


    No preservatives or additives and no GMOs.


    Ingredients: beef jerky, salt, E-250 (soidum nitrite), E-252 (potassium nitrate)


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