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Caught off the Atlantic coast of Andalusia using the sustainable and ancient Phoenician method known as “à la Madrague” - our wild bluefin tuna is the base for a relatively unknown and delicious Japanese condiment.


Using a long forgotten tradition dating back to the Edo period, which Maison DEHESA faithfully reproduces, the extraordinarily large heart of the bluefin tuna is dried in order to obtain a powerful natural flavor enhancer, concentrating all the aromas of the sea. It is ideal to emphasise the iodine in your land-sea recipes or your marine dishes. Cut into fine shavings, you will bring a touch of originality to your dish with its surprising texture!

Japanese Red Tuna Bottarga

35,00 €Price
  • Traceability : Sustainably caught off the Atlantic coasts of Andalusia, according to the Phoenician methods known as the “à la madrague”.


    Integrated production : Wild bluefin tuna presents an unknown and fabulous condiment revealed by the Japanese.


    100% original : Maison Dehesa faithfuly reproduces a forgotten tradition from the Edo period. The bluefin tuna heart, by its extraordinary size, can be dried in order to obtain a powerful flavor enhancer, naturally concentrating all the aromas of the sea.


    No preservatives or additives and no GMOs.


    Ingredients : Red Tuna, Sea Salt.


    Allergens : Fish.