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The Rolls Royce of raw hams, the Bellota patanegra by Maison DEHESA has been sublimated by raising the standards of breeding and ageing to an unmatched level.


Iberico breed pigs (100% or 75%), which gives the hams tenderness and intense marbling. The animals roam in the richest lands in Spain, their gourmet diet giving the fat a sublime taste!


The pigs are raised in lush dehesas during a lengthy 24-36 month period minimum - versus the usual 18 months - so that they benefit from two seasons of Bellota. The aging in mountain air, for a minimum of 42 months ensures a structured, delicate taste without any salty notes.

Patanegra de Bellota Ham - Sliced 80g

  • Traceability: The European DOP label certifies our commitments in terms of breeding and maturing.


    Integrated production method: Natural diet based on alpine and Mediterranean flora, as well as oak acorns. Occasional food supplements made from cereals (corn, barley, oats), without fattening flour.


    100% original: Extensive free range breeding doubled from 24 to 36 months versus 18 months on average on the market.


    Ingredients: Iberian acorn-fed pork, E-250, E-252


    Allergens : None. Gluten free. Lactose free.