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Discover the raw and surprising texture of these delicious tuna slices, meant to be enjoyed as sashimi. Cured with as little salt as possible, the smooth fat of the tuna belly truly shines through.

  • Sustainable fishing label
  • Japanese style smoking
  • Mineral and silky fat
  • Fresh and raw texture, like sashimi
  • Elegant presentation in thin petals. Ready to enjoy!


Net weight: 80g

Red Tuna Ham

  • Traceability: Sourced from sustainable fishing in the Gulf of Cadiz.


    Integrated production method: Made by combining two techniques - salting and Japanese smoking - which reveal the extraordinary juiciness of the tuna belly.


    100% original: Discover our latest creation in limited edition, the red tuna ham made by combining both salting and Japanese smoking methods. With its delicate thin slices, worthy of our Pata Negra charcuterie, and its elegant presentation, this bluefin tuna ham is ready to enjoy!


    No preservatives or additives and no GMOs.


    Ingredients :Tuna, Salt


    Allergens: Fish, Soy, Milk.


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