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Joseph's family has been raising Abondance cows and ageing their cheese in Haute-Savoie for 500 years.

Inside Joseph's barn, there are 50 dairy cows, all from Abondance breed, revered for its adaptability and resistance. These qualities also apply to the cattle's owner. When Joseph Socquet enters the barn, you'd never imagine he only slept 3 hours the night before, with his rosy cheeks, charming smile and sky blue eyes. On this occasion, he owes his lack of sleep to a newly born calf. But to be fair, his nights aren't usually much longer anyways. His ideas keep him awake. Like the one he once had about owning his own farm, and the one of being his own man.

Joseph embodies the native Mégevan. He comes from a family of peasants, dating back 500 years, in which stubbornness and a strong will to survive have become firmly anchored over time. Thanks to this, he's had the motivation and especially the endurance to work on his farm for 13 years because, to realize his dream, Joseph has to overcome many hardships.

From his yogurt factory in the basement to the automated stable, Joseph shows that a little technology can get so much more out of a farm, and most importantly, allows him to keep control over the entire production process. That way, he transforms the raw materials himself, instead of selling the milk and meat directly to manufacturers. Untethered from farmer associations, he does everything himself, which ensures satisfying qualitaty standards for himself, and the highest praise from his customers.

Joseph is also a militant farmer who participates in lectures from time to time. He talks about his profession, and shares his experiences as an independant farmer. He hopes more farmers can reach financial independence to ensure the quality of their products. According to him, if farmers produce not only the raw material but also the finished products, they could create more added value and make a decent living with their work.

Joseph - A happy farmer in Haute-Savoie

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