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The presa is located at the front of the Iberian pig's backbone, just above the shoulders. It is a very soft piece with delicate nutty aromas. The starred Spanish chefs call it “the Spanish kobe” because its juiciness and texture are similar to those of Japanese Kobe beef

  • 100% purebred Patanegra.
  • Raised for 18 to 24 months, corresponding to 2 seasons of Bellota.
  • Unique marbling.
  • Melting and juicy texture.
  • Without preservatives, additives or GMOs.

Iberian Presa

  • Traceability : Iberico Breed.


    Integrated production method: Our animals are selected in order to preserve the purity of their genetic heritage, raised in total freedom in Extremadura in Dehesa. The animals are then placed in slaughterhouses specifically approved for cutting Iberico or Patanegra pigs in accordance with Iberian tradition.


    100% original: The feed for our animals is 100% natural: feed composed of rustic herbs (thyme, rosemary, etc.) and 2 seasons of Bellota (bred for 18 to 24 months compared to 12 on the market).


    No preservatives, additives or GMOs.


    Ingredients: Bellota Iberian Breed.


    Allergens: None. Gluten and lactose free.