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Did you know that the best rice in the world is Spanish? According to Michelin starred chefs, Bomba rice from Calasparra DOP, with short grain and pearl color, is a staple on any gourmet table.


Cultivated since the the Middle Ages on the banks of the Segura and Mundo rivers, around the small enclave of Calasparra, this rice has a crunchy texture and an incredible ability to multiply flavors by taking up to five times its volume in water.

It is in this spirit of excellence that Maison DEHESA wanted to promote the only cooperative which reproduces the same harvesting methods used by 15th century monks. Organic processes that respect the soils and subsoils of this exceptional terroir.

  • Absorbs more than 200% of the water.
  • Exceptional cooking resistance.
  • No preservatives or additives.
  • First and only cereal to have obtained a controlled designation of origin in 1986.

Bomba Rice from Calasparra

  • Storage : 18 months in a temperate place, away from light.


    Packaging : Canvas bag - Weight : 500g.


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