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Leek and Sardine Maison DEHESA by Josselin Marie

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Croque monsieur with leek, smoked sardine sashimi and leek confit with squid ink.

Recipe of Josselin Marie - Restaurant La Table de Colette

For 10 people

20 min preparation time

1h20 cooking time

Ingredients list


  • 5 leeks

  • 25 cl of vegetable stock

  • 7 cl of salted soy sauce

  • 1 spoon squid ink


  • 10 sardine filets

  • 6 large slices of sandwich bread

  • 225g of leek

  • 25cl of liquid cream 30% fat

  • 15g of lour

  • 1 egg

  • salt

  • pepper

  • salt butter



  1. Wash leeks and remove green parts. Cut the leeks in half widthwise.

  2. Fry the pencil leeks in butter and add the vegetable broth, soy sauce and squid ink, then cook, covered, until the leeks are well cooked. Set aside at room temperature.

  3. Reduce squid ink, soy and broth marinade until it becomes syrupy.


  1. Wash leeks and remove green parts. Cut the large leeks into 1cm pieces.

  2. Fry the pieces of leeks in butter and let them cook covered.

  3. Mix with fresh cream, egg, flour, salt and pepper.

  4. Spread this mixture on three slices of sandwich bread. Cover with a slice of sandwich bread and wrap the croques.

  5. Bake the croques in the steam oven for 1 hour, then set them aside in a cool place.

  6. Cut the croques by removing the crust and cutting them into 4 rectangles.


  1. Place a rectangle on each plate and top with a sardine cut in 3.

  2. On the other side of the plate, make a line of reduced marinade with a brush and place a leek on top.

Have a good tasting!

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