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Lighter and without compromising on pleasure, seafood charcuterie is the new must-have for your aperitifs. Red tuna ham is the perfect product for those cravings for fresh, iodised flavour, bridging the gap between haute cuisine and no-holds-barred picnics!


This bluefin tuna ham was born in the world of haute cuisine, a haute-couture creation that bears witness to the time spent on it. Ángel León, also known as the "Chef of the Sea", managed to surprise the world at the 2021 edition of Madrid Fusión, a major gastronomic congress. The chef from the Aponiente restaurant impressed the new culinary guard with his new creation, "jamon del mar" (ham from the sea). This is a tuna belly (the fattiest and noblest part of the tuna) that resembles the shape, texture and cut of Iberian ham, and is one of the many seafood delicacies he has been preparing for years.

The idea came to him during a trip to Asia, where he saw a unique cut of a piece of tuna, which led him to think about how to merge the worlds of Iberian ham and Japanese sashimi: red tuna ham was born.

Asked how this 'jamon del mar' is made, Ángel León explained that it's a very specific cut of tuna belly, which they give the shape of a paleta (pig's shoulder). Its appearance is very similar, especially in the cut, as its pinkish colour and the natural infiltration of fat in this part of the tuna make it very similar to a real pig's shoulder. The process of making and curing bluefin tuna ham involves drying for around ten days, during which time the perfect flavour and texture are achieved thanks to the intervention of drying, wind and time.

And the result? The most remarkable characteristics of this 'ham from the sea' are its iodised flavour, its lighter texture than a classic 'land-based' charcuterie, and its higher Omega 3 content. All the best features of a good charcuterie!


Our bluefin tuna is fished in the Gulf of Cadiz using an ancestral technique known as "à la madrague", considered sustainable by the European Union. Once the tuna has been caught, it is cut up and cold-smoked using Japanese techniques, to obtain a texture somewhere between smoked and sashimi, half-cooked and half-raw. It's all this care and attention that helps to bring out its silky, mineral fat. Once ready, the red tuna ham is cut by hand by a cortador, using the same process as the great Pata Negra hams.


Our tuna ham, already sliced for better preservation, is ready to use! Before taking it out of its vacuum pack, we recommend that you run it under warm water for a few seconds, to bring it to room temperature and allow the slices to release perfectly. Once you've taken your seafood delicatessen out, you can of course enjoy it just as it is, with a light drizzle of Maison DEHESA olive oil. Maison DEHESA's clever combination is with another seafood product! Tuna ham goes very well with oysters, raw or just poached. The iodised notes of the two products come together in a marine mouthful, a veritable concert of flavours that will remind you of your last seaside holiday.

The best thing is to find out for yourself how you like it, and share your impressions with us! #maisondehesa

Enjoy your meal!

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