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By Josselin Marie , La Table de Colette

Recette Garum et Assortiment de carottes
Garum and carrots

Garum & Assorted carrots

Josselin Marie's recipe with garum - Restaurant La Table de Colette

Serves 5

List of ingredients

  • 6 dehydrated carrots

  • 30 cl carrot juice

  • 400g sand carrots

  • 50g semi-salted butter

  • 15g cream 30% fat

  • 2.5 cl garum

  • 25g lemon juice

  • 15g flour

  • 15g egg white

  • 5 g white vinegar

  • Salt

The stages

1. Cooking the carrots:

Peel all the carrots in the recipe, then cook them gently, covered, with a little water. Once cooked, remove and set aside.

2. Dehydrated carrots:

Take 10 cooked carrots and place them on a baking tray in the oven at 70°C for 24 hours.

3. Carrot caviar:

Take 400 g of cooked carrots and mash them with a whisk, adding the semi-salted butter. Set aside in a saucepan.

4 . Carrot purée :

Blend the remaining cooked carrots with the cream and set aside in a saucepan.

5 . Garum sauce :

Reduce the cream by half, then add the carrot juice, lemon juice and garum and adjust the seasoning. Keep warm in the saucepan.

6. Tuiles Feuilles :

Mix the melted butter, flour, vinegar and egg white, then spread the mixture over the silpats in the shape of tree leaves and bake in the oven at 180°C for 6 minutes. Turn out of the mould and set aside.

7. Reheating and serving:

Rehydrate the carrot in hot carrot juice for 30 min, then glaze with the remaining juice and butter.

Reheat the carrot purée and caviar and adjust the seasoning.

Dressing :

Place the dehydrated carrot in the centre of the dish, then a quenelle of carrot caviar on one side and a quenelle of carrot purée on the other. Pour the sauce over the other side and arrange 3 tiles in the shape of tree leaves.

This recipe with Maison Dehesa garum goes well with all your meat and fish dishes!

Enjoy your meal!

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