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What is tuna belly ?

Tuna belly is made from the belly of the fish. It is known for its delicate fat that gives it a soft texture in the mouth and makes it naturally the best part of the tuna.

There are bluefin, albacore and yellowfin tuna bellies. It can be eaten cooked, raw or in oil.

How to choose the right tuna belly?

When choosing a tuna belly, the albacore species is to be preferred for the simple reason that the available reserves are the most correct of the three species. It is also preferable to choose a producer who is concerned about offering tuna from an ethical and respectful fishery.

Maison DEHESA has specially selected a canner located in the province of Biscay, in the Spanish Basque Country. Of Italian origin, this family of artisan canners uses Italian, Spanish and French know-how, which has been used in the Mediterranean since antiquity, to offer a unique result. The ultra-soft texture and delicate fat are enhanced by beautifully pink slices.

In order to enhance its tenderness, we have created the first preserve with the heart of tuna belly! The rolls of canned ventresca!

How to enjoy your tuna belly ?

Tuna Belly is easy to eat at home! In a salad, it goes perfectly with potatoes, or in a classic rice salad. It can also be further processed to preserve it in oil with various spices or to make a sauce or mayonnaise for example.

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