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The art of tasting

Beware of impatient gourmets!

In fact, there are certain steps that must be followed to discover the full range of flavors that the Queen of Bellota offers.

Tasting tips

1. The ham should ooze! In order to fully appreciate it, you must take the time to slice the ham petals very thinly, so that they can rise in temperature more easily until they "ooze" and let the scent of bellota blossom. The thinness of the slice is also a necessary condition to appreciate the tenderness of its flesh.

2. Always prefer hand-cut slices to machine-cut slices. Machine sliced hams are necessarily cold sliced boneless hams, which are less tasty than hams on the bone cut at room temperature and which preserve the delicacy of the flavours more. Thus, the nature and quality of the cut will also have a significant impact on the fiber of the meat and therefore on the tenderness of the meat.

3. Arrange the petals on preferably warm dishes (by placing them in the microwave or on a hot plate) in order to release even more of the aromatic power, especially if your Patanegra ham was previously sliced and vacuum-packed and/or stored in the refrigerator. If you have purchased a vacuum-packed ham, remember to take the slices out of the vacuum-packed bag and place them on a plate at least 15 minutes before eating them.

4. Accompany your Patanegra de bellota with white, airy bread (it should bounce like a spring mattress!). The bread can be toasted and slightly sweetened, but avoid any sour, dark or cereal bread.

5. The ideal accompaniment for Patanegra is a potato mixed with Andalusian extra virgin olive oil and a piece of fresh tomato toast rubbed with garlic and drizzled with the same fiery oil.

However, be sure to use these additions sparingly so as not to overwhelm the rich aromatic palette of the Patanegra ham, if its taste is anything like the elegance of the bellota rather than salt. Only in this case, you can also discover a final and long sweet note at the end of the mouth, as discreet as exquisite!


Quality in the ham and all around!

All our bags are made of plastic material exclusively adapted to our products, in order to preserve their incredible aromatic richness and nutritional benefits.

Our products are carefully prepared by our artisan producers and delicately sliced by our Cortador Masters, experts in the art of cutting Patanegra ham.

Each product offers you the promise of freshness and incomparable delicacy to share our passion around an intense and unique taste emotion.

Be careful, the seductive power of our Patanegra will make your taste buds melt...

Find all our Pata Negra products and hams in our Ham Cellar!

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