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Updated: Mar 7, 2023

What is bottarga ?

Bottarga, also known as the treasure of the sea, is made from dried and salted fish eggs. It is found in many cuisines.

Bottarga was first created in Italy, and is now made all over the world, mainly from mullet, but you can also find bottarga from bluefin tuna for example. The quality of the bottarga depends on the drying method used. At Maison Dehesa, we speak of "slow-maturation", a process that preserves the play of textures and the aromatic complexity of the bottarga.

The bottarga can be eaten as an aperitif or as a main course, eaten in thin strips or grated over pasta, meat or fish.

The process of making poutargue involves drying the roe (fish roe pocket) with salt, drying in the sun and then rubbing with olive oil. The product will keep for several months if stored in optimal conditions.

The price of bottarga

It is difficult to define the average price of bottarga, as it depends on the fish used in production (mullet, bluefin tuna, cod for example). It can vary from 160€/kilo to over 500€/kilo.

How to eat bottarga ?

Traditionally, bottarga is eaten grated, but you can also eat it sliced into thin strips. Bottarga is usually served as an aperitif or as a main course to enhance your recipes.

Poutargue sur un toast de pain grillé, par Antonin Bonnet

Maison Dehesa gives you 3 tips for using bottarga in your dishes:

1) Grate the bottarga and sprinkle it over pasta, risotto or a pie.

2) Thinly slice the bottarga and serve it as an antipasti with olive oil and lemon juice on toasted bread.

3) Cut the bottarga into small pieces and wrap them around a fig or a piece of prosciutto for example.

Our bottarga recipes

Maison DEHESA offers you its recipe cards, to download and make again at home:

- Bottarga tapas;

- Fine tart with asparagus, bottarga and burrata;

- Tagliatelle of courgette and bottarga;

- Risotto with cockles, bottarga and lemon

Enjoy your meal!

And don't forget to share your best #maisondehesa creations with us!

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