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sardine fumée à la japonaise

In general, fish is an ally for your health! A real source of minerals (calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and vitamins) and proteins, fish is a healthy and nutritious food that helps you stay healthy!

There are actually two groups of fish: lean fish, and fatty fish, known as "blue fish" such as sardines. The latter contain more fat, mainly polyunsaturated (omega-3 and omega-6), and are very important in our diet! This is why it is recommended to eat fish twice a week, alternating between the two groups.

The sardine, a nutritional bomb!

Sardines are mainly found in warm, tropical seas, but also in the colder waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. This small fish with its fine and tasty flesh belongs to the blue fish family. Rich in proteins and vitamins, the sardine is a very nutritious food!

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Japanese smoked sardines by Maison DEHESA

Dehesa reinvents the smoked sardine like sashimi, combining ancestral Mediterranean and Japanese canning techniques. Our sardines, which come from sustainable fishing in the Basque Country, are among the largest in the world! Processed and prepared within 2 hours of being caught, our sardines provide a rare freshness. De-heading with tweezers gives them the lowest salt content on the market, removing the crystals that concentrate mainly in the bones during the salting process. Using our in-house slow maturation process, our sardines are slowly matured over time, before being smoked in the Japanese style, first hot, then cold, over beech wood.

This process prolongs the flavours of the mineral fat and preserves its firm, half-cooked, half-raw texture like sashimi.

Sardines in olive oil

Maison Dehesa's sardines in olive oil come from sustainable fishing and are of a rare and delicate size. They are selected as soon as they are fished in Galicia. They are then washed, rinsed and soaked according to an ancestral traditional process, typical of the canning industry in the north of Spain, so as not to leave any trace of oil or frying on their skin. They are placed one by one in the can, for a qualitative presentation, leaving no tears on these sardines.

Our sardines in oil thus offer all the freshness of the fish, a delicate fat, without pronounced notes of salt or oil.

Recipes and tasting of sardines

Although it is found in most kitchens, sardines have long been shunned by top chefs! Today, it can be found in many traditional recipes, smoked, marinated in oil, grilled or pan-fried. It can be eaten hot or cold, as an aperitif, a starter or a main course! In Mediterranean countries, sardines are very popular as tapas, to be nibbled on between two meals.

Our smoked sardines can be eaten as sashimi, plain on toast and a little butter. You can also combine them with potatoes, mozzarella or our vinegar.

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